liberty reserve

Liberty Reserve is incorporated under the laws of Costa Rica. Liberty Reserve is a 100% irrevocable payment system and digital currency. You can send or receive money to or from anyone in the world. Special features include: Get paid, stay paid – unlike credit cards, all payments are irrevocable. You can even send payments to many users at once using the batch pay option. Pay your bills – Just use any of our approved exchange providers to send a check to you or anyone and anywhere in the world in exchange for your Liberty Reserve funds. Liberty Reserve is protected by an offshore Trust, and is at all times backed 100% by U.S. dollars for LR-USD accounts, and by gold for LR-gold accounts, etc. CUSTOMER SERVICE is the difference! We’re fast, responsive and dedicated to serving all your electronic currency needs. Make payments by e-mail, internally, privately, and convert Liberty Reserve currency to any other currency through our directory of independent exchange providers.


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